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“Every child deserves the right to play.”

  • “Every child deserves the right to play.”

  • “Mae gan pob plentyn yr hawl i chwarae.”

Sansa-Rimba - Inclusive Musical Instrument

Product Code:   Q004-001-01

Sansa-Rimba - Inclusive Musical Instrument

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Product description

Sansa – regional term for the African mbira or thumb piano.
Rimba – from Marimba; xylophone of African origin.

The Sansa-Rimba is a bright, stimulating and colourful teaching and music resource and would be a great addition as school playground equipment. This outdoor musical instrument is a clever blend of two African instruments; the Sansa (thumb-piano) and a Marimba (xylophone). Using the pentatonic scale and spanning two octaves (C4-C6), the 15 notes of the Sansa-Rimba are arranged as a traditional thumb-piano with the scale ascending from the centre outwards.

The Sansa-Rimba can be built with individual notes of aluminium, fiberglass or hardwood. Each of these materials gives a distinct sound when played. There are no wires or strings as the notes are individually and securely attached to the resonators for maximum vibration with incredible tones and resonance. The resonators are available in a number of different colours. The instrument can be installed into the ground, surface mounted or fixed to the wall.

The Sansa-Rimba is easy to play and a perfect introduction to musical exploration and improvisation.

Product features

  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Bright, stimulating and colourful
  • 15 notes
  • Notes/keys available in aluminium, fiberglass or hardwood
  • Available in different colours
  • Tuned to a pentatonic scale and spanning two octaves
  • Perfect for playgrounds and music therapy
  • Can be installed in ground or surface mounted
  • Age Range – All