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“Every child deserves the right to play.”

  • “Every child deserves the right to play.”

  • “Mae gan pob plentyn yr hawl i chwarae.”

Duo - Inclusive Musical Instrument

Product Code:   Q003-001-01

Duo - Inclusive Musical Instrument

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Product description

The Duo is a distinctive instrument with an ergonomic curved design. Accessible from both sides, this instrument can be enjoyed by up to four players.

The notes of the Duo have no wires or strings and are individually and securely attached to the resonators for maximum vibration with incredible tones and resonance.

The Duo can be built with individual notes of aluminium, fiberglass, hardwood or even a mixture of two! Each of these materials gives a distinct sound when played.

The curvaceous design is not just about looking stylish. The wave makes it easier for individuals with limited range of movement, or players in wheelchairs, to reach all of the notes. Each player is slightly offset from each other, making it useful for players with special needs who may find direct eye contact difficult.

Playing the Duo is effortless and so friends, siblings, classmates, colleagues or even complete strangers can come together, explore with rhythm and make some great music!

Product features

  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Ergonomic curved design
  • Accessible from both sides
  • Notes/keys available in aluminium, fiberglass or hardwood
  • Easier for individuals with limited range of movement
  • C-Major pentatonic scale covering two octaves
  • Perfect for playgrounds and music therapy
  • Can be installed in ground or surface mounted
  • Age Range – All