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“Every child deserves the right to play.”

  • “Every child deserves the right to play.”

  • “Mae gan pob plentyn yr hawl i chwarae.”

Babel Drum - Inclusive Musical Instrument

Product Code:   Q014-001-01

Babel Drum - Inclusive Musical Instrument

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Product description

Babel Drums are circular stainless steel tongue drums securely mounted onto their frames designed for permanent outdoor installation. These playground drums require no previous drumming experience and children (and adults, too!) will enjoy improvising with the mesmerizing sounds they produce.

Precision tuned and available with 8-notes (Large) or 6-notes (Small). The Babel Drum should be played with the hands, preferably by striking with the fingertips. Their mellow tones are never brassy or too loud - perfect for musical exploration in the fresh air.

This steel drum can create beautiful melodies with remarkably long sustain. Guaranteed to have your spirit soaring!

Playing the Babel Drum is a wonderful unique hand drumming experience.

How To Play The Babel Drum

Babel Drums are very easy to play. We recommend playing using the pads of your fingers, however you can also play with fingertips or the side of the thumb or a mix of all three. A quick tap onto the drums smooth surface and pulling away quickly like you’ve touched something hot produces a beautiful melodic tone - do not leave the finger on the drum. The strike should be fast and soft at the same time and the hand should be open and loose. Where you strike of course makes a lot of difference too, with the larger tongues producing lower notes and smaller ones the higher notes. A wide range of tones can be created through experimenting and developing different playing techniques.

Product features

  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Available in small or large
  • Great for outdoor musical play
  • Circular Stainless Steel Drum
  • Precision tuned with 6 or 8 notes
  • Played with hands
  • Pentatonic Tuning
  • Perfect for playgrounds and music therapy
  • Can be installed in ground or surface mounted
  • Age Range – All